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"Once upon a time there was a girl called Sandra , passionate about pastry, who created a brand of Cookies , homemade and with flavors that make us travel and feel incredible textures!
Sandra made the brand grow, deciding a year later to move to the other side of the world, leaving her baby in the care of her friend Mariana , who, with all her love and dedication, learned all the secrets of her products from her.
As there are no two without three, Mariana decided to bet on a personalized catering project and handed the project over to a perfect stranger (those good coincidences ♥ ), who was a customer of the brand from the beginning, and who had an enormous affection for it, in addition to of taste for cooking, especially confectionery.
Over the course of several weeks, Vanessa learned all the mysteries behind theCookiesso delicious, and now she decides to continue building on the legacy left and start a new era forThe Cookie Break
The quality and method of production? We're going to keep those because the team that wins doesn't move!
In addition to the constant news, we will bring more innovation and versatility!
Are you already curious?"